Getting Your Installation Done with Ottawa Windows & Doors is a Wise Choice

Supervision and final clearing of window replacement

Upon the arrival of the window installers, checking and clearing of the window details are confirmed. Supervise and walk-through the crew around your house or the place that needs window replacement. Window installers usually divide the work from bringing in and removing the windows.

Covering of drop cloth around the renovated area

It is also helpful to do your own walk through around the house or area of renovation after orienting the crew of window installers. This is to check that the covering of drop cloth around the renovated area is efficiently applied. Drop cloths are essential to protect and preserve the area around the working space of window installation.

Window removal and installation

Removal of old window occurs and a clearing out of the work area is performed. The new windows are then nailed into place as the removed old windows are taken outside for disposal. Window companies are generally responsible for the window disposal as part of the contract upon purchasing the window. This process requires minimal supervision. It is helpful to remind the foreman that no old windows should be boarded over.

Exterior cladding

After the installation of all the new windows and clearing of the old windows, exterior trimming or cladding is done. This is to seal the house from the weather outside. Cladding is an optional construction depending on the window replacement contract. This concludes the completion of the window replacement installation.

House cleaning and window testing

After all the work done it is time to clean the house and clear all the tools used during window replacement. It is important to still be around even during the cleaning process to fully maximize the day’s work. Test window and commend for final touches before closing the contract.